Wang No. 7 Formula (Tablets) - Pain relief tablets

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  • ALL NATURAL RECIPE – Each bottle contains 200 pills. Each pill consists of 1400 mg and 8 of natural, plant-based herbs, including Dang Gui, Dan Shen, Tou Gu Cao, Ji Xue Teng, Yan Hu Suo, Xiang Fu, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao.
  • ASSIST WITH PAIN  Anti-inflammation and antioxidant supplements. May help relieve pain.
  • TIME TESTED RECIPE – Formulated by Master Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist Guoen Wang who has 37 years knowledge and experience of herbal healing.
  • EFFECTIVE AND SAFE – See results within a week of taking consistently. 5x concentrated to reduce the amount taken per time. To see best results, take 7-15 pills, twice a day
  • HIGH QUALITY – These herbs ensure the highest Chinese herbal quality and is manufactured in a GMP certified factor and contains no pharmaceuticals, dyes, or sugars.