Our Story

From me to you

Hi, I am a simple guy. My name is Guoen Wang, and I am an acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner in Austin, Texas.

In 2020, we started Safe Healing Herbs which is an off shoot from Acupuncture Plus, our acupuncture clinic located in North Austin. I hope that with this site, natural healing will pervade and more people will be healthy.

I have been practicing for over 30 years, putting my education as an herbalist master in traditional Chinese medicine to good use.

At our clinic, we provide a more natural way of healing with herbal formulas that have been developed and tweaked by not only me but Herbalist masters that have come before me. After receiving years of praise and great results, we have decided to expand and hopefully open more people up to a safer way of healing that is easily comprehensible, safe, and more in your control. Thus, Safe Healing Herbs was born.

On this site are a wide variety of our most popular herbal formulas that are perfectly safe for anyone's use. Here we treat the person as a whole and not just what ails you.

We hope that we can help you on your journey of better health!